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Alpha One IT Services prefers DDM methodology to provide
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I.T. Consultancy

We provide the technical consulting to support you streamline your technological needs, and your company as whole. We will put together team of committed developers with the necessary skill set and experience. With our support, you can now create professional and cost-effective tech team.

Website Development

A website is more than just a digital representation of yourself. It’s a strategy for showcasing your abilities, encouraging your audience to act, and demonstrating how your company will assist them in succeeding. We create websites that prioritise your marketing strategy and user experience, ensuring that your website stands out from the crowd.

Mobile App Development

At least one smartphone app is in the arsenal of the most profitable companies. You will have a premium digital experience to your customers. Getting an app also demonstrates your commitment to providing value to your audience. We provide a rich experience for your users, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Digital Marketing

It’s time to step up your marketing game and make the most of your digital marketing investment. We use out-of-the-box thinking to persuade the audience to take action. Alpha One provides best-in-class digital marketing services to all brands, whether they are startups or industry giants.

E-Commerce Development

Our programmers are experts at designing dependable, well-documented, and easy-to-use APIs. APIs are changing the way data is used and spawning entirely new business models and product strategies. By allowing flexible integrations and customizations of existing products, they empower our developers to enrich and expand services in new and creative ways.

API Development

Our developers are experts at creating APIs that are dependable, well-documented, and simple to use. APIs are radically altering how data is used, as well as creating completely new business models and product strategies. They enable our developers to enrich and improve services in new and innovative ways by allowing flexible integrations and customizations of existing products.

UI/UX Development

Alpha One is a full-service UI UX agency that creates sophisticated and user-friendly online and mobile products. Our humane approach allows us to better understand your audience, recognise their pain points, and present the right solutions, all while improving their brand experience. Alpha One will provide the UI/UX you want for your customers.

Management Software Development

For inventory count and stock replenishment solutions, we provide solutions that programme data aggregation platforms and centralised repositories. Using EDI integrations and deployment facilities, our inventory management programme syncs inventory across different networks and locations to minimise redundancies and double-entry errors.

Virtual Assistant

We will make calls and send emails on your behalf in addition to providing basic administrative support. Through managing your emails and arranging your meetings, your virtual assistant will assist you in staying organised.
Providing inventory count and stock replenishment solutions that programme data aggregation platforms and centralised repositories.

Off-Shore I.T. Staffing

At Alpha One, we have dedicated offshore IT staffing solutions in addition to talent management and recruiting services. We assist you in addressing the difficulties of finding and hiring skilled IT workers from around the world. We’ve developed procedures and are developing IT resources to assist you in finding the best candidate at the lowest cost possible.

our Process


First, we try to understand the client’s needs, identify, define them and create a path to follow during the development process.


At the second stage, we put our ideas into action. We deliver a custom design for your website after we create a well-planned structure with visual representation.


After you’ve approved a design for your website, you’ll enter the developing stage. We select the best platform and framework for the job, such as WordPress, Angular, Laravel, and so on.


Testing, content review, and indexing are all critical stages in the launch of your website. Before launching your website, we thoroughly test every aspect.

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We are a product creation and technical consultancy firm from Udaipur specialising in IT outsourcing. Web,  Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Branding, etc are all fields of expertise for our team. Let’s work together to turn your concept into a product.

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